Producers: Joel Tozer & Lanneke Hargreaves
Design: Gabriel Virata
Cinematography: Daniel Hartley-Allan, Miles Bence
Editor: Daniel Hartley-Allan


The rise of crystal methamphetamine, commonly known as ice, is devastating regional Victoria. Ice is highly addictive, it's relatively cheap and a lot of it is produced right here in Australia.

It is a drug that is most often associated with bigger cities but as The Feed found out, ice is infiltrating small towns such as Horsham and Shepparton, destroying families and communities.

For the graphics of this feature, I decided to animate the text throughout by using the glitch animation aesthetic. Rather than creating a graphic environment separate to the piece, I chose to integrate all the information by utilising the footage already shot by the cinematographers and treating it with time warps and glitches.

I played with the letterforms of the type to create elongated shapes that appear for a split second on the screen before becoming visible. I wanted to reiterate the damaging effects of ice as explained throughout the documentary by treating the footage and graphics with this idea. There are sequences which have been heavily treated to evoke the 'highs' experienced by the users and the type mirrors this aesthetic.

Aired on The Feed - SBS2
Duration: 21:37 minutes
Televised date: 25th September, 2014


Featured Media/Press:

- Nominated: 2014 Logies "Most Outstanding Public Affairs Report"