Producer: Joel Tozer
Designer: Gabriel Virata
Cinematography: Daniel Hartley-Allan, Miles Bence
Editor: Andy Finn



The graphics I designed for "Inside Providence" were inspired by Patrick Clair's opening titles for "True Detective." Working with producer Joel Tozer, I wanted to utilise the photographs and various videos that had been collected in the pre-production of the story as a basis for establishing the graphic look.

To reflect the tone of the investigative report, the graphics incorporated multiple layers of texture and overlays. The idea behind this was so that as the feature progressed and more information was uncovered, the graphics would also reflect this - as they too are slowly uncovered, brought on subtly with various ink and water bleed footage throughout the piece.


Aired on The Feed - SBS2
Duration: 17:58 minutes
Televised date: 9th April, 2014