Producer: Gabriel Virata
Art Direction / Design: Gabriel Virata
Cinematographer / Editor: Daniel Hartley-Allan


Katherine Sabbath and Benji Condie may not be household names. Nor will they be up for contention on any “celebrity” reality TV programming anytime soon but between the two of them, they hold a global following on Instagram of over 150,000 followers and counting.

So how do you go from being a regular Australian to gaining a worldwide following on the social network just by posting photos? I took a look at how two ordinary Australian's hobbies have propelled them to become ambassadors for lifestyle and homeware brands, attend exclusive red carpet events and in some cases, even quit their day job to follow their success as Instagram celebrities.

A feature I produced for The Feed exploring a new generation of Aussies who have found fame and carved their own personal empires as Instagram Influencers.

Produced for The Feed - SBS2
Duration: 08:02 minutes
Televised date: 15th June, 2015