Writer/Producers: Chris Leben, Nick McDougall
Art Direction / Design: Gabriel Virata
Cinematography: Mark Tadic, Nick McDougall, Miles Bence

Lee Lin Chin is one of Australia's most respected journalists. Having a career span over 20 years at SBS Australia, she has become one of Australia's most renowned newsreaders.

For the second season of The Feed in 2014, Lee Lin Chin appeared in several guest comedy segments - "Celebrity Chin Wag with Lee Lin Chin", "Lee Lin Chin Reads Mean Tweets ... That She Sent" as well as the famous finale "Broadcast Battleground" - A parody of the infamous Anchorman scene recreated with the top newsreaders of Australian TV.





For each of these segments, it was my role to create an entire graphic environment to house Lee Lin Chin as well as a full show graphics package which included graphic stings, breakers and title sequence. As each of these segments were exaggerations of existing shows, the graphics closely resembled elements from the shows they were parodying.

For "Celebrity Chin Wag with Lee Lin Chin" I took the visual aesthetic as found on shows such as "Entertainment Tonight" and "E!News" to create an over the top Hollywood backdrop which placed Ms. Chin in front of the tangerine LA landscape.


Likewise, for the "Lee Lin Chin Reads Mean Tweets....That She Sent" segment, I created the graphics to closely resemble the infamous segment as popularised on Jimmy Kimmel's show.

For the finale segment "Broadcast Battleground" - a parody of the infamous Anchorman scene, I worked alongisde the biggest newsreaders in Australian television to design a teaser poster that was released to the media a week in advance of the segments scheduled air date. The poster that was designed reflected the final "fight to the death" teaser line which was featured throughout the trailer.