Branding & Design Direction for Australian womenswear label "Saveus" between 2012-2013


Logo Design & Branding

Design - Campaign - "Everything, Nothing" Autumn/Winter 2012

Photographer: Luke Carter
Model: Katerina Chang @Chadwicks
Fashion: Saveus
Design: Gabriel Virata

Campaign Teaser - "Everything, Nothing" Autumn/Winter 2012

Teaser video for the release of Australian womenswear label Saveus' debut A/W 12 collection "Everything, Nothing." The idea behind the video was to create a preview of the upcoming collection by visually documenting the story of how the designers had come to launch the label. The video comprises of over 1,600 photos, all taken behind the scenes during a production trip with the designers in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam in September 2012.

Audio: Washed Out - You'll See It


Saveus "Everything, Nothing" A/W 2012 - Product Shoot Behind The Scenes Teaser

The Saveus team prepared the product shots for the March debut of their first collection, "Everything, Nothing." I produced a behind-the-scenes video teaser showing a hard days work, in lead up to the release of the collection in early March.

Shot/Edited: Gabriel Virata
Audio: Gui Boratto - Beautiful Life