Producer: Gabriel Virata
Art Direction / Design: Gabriel Virata
Cinematographers: Daniel Hartley-Allan, Miles Bence
Editor: Mark Tadic


HIV infection rates in Australia have been rising for years. Safe sex is obviously important, but could this prevention drug mark the end of HIV/AIDS for good?

The generation of people born after the HIV crisis of the eighties have reached sexual maturity, and there has been a corresponding decline in the use of condoms. Some say that this has led to a cavalier approach to the virus, and now HIV rates in Australia are higher than they've been in 20 years.

But there's a new drug that could change all that. A pre-exposure medication that's up to 99% effective, which has been compared as the contraceptive pill for HIV. With efficacy levels so high, why do so few people, especially those in the gay community, know about it?

A feature I produced for The Feed on SBS2 exploring the new pill that could drastically reduce HIV infection rates around the world.

Produced for The Feed - SBS2
Duration: 09:20 minutes
Televised date: 11th March, 2015